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The University of Exeter Medical School makes a difference to the lives and health of millions of people.

We excel at working with members of the public and our partners in the health service to ensure that our research addresses the most important questions, so we can quickly translate our findings into accessible treatments and care. 

Our research is globally recognised and our partnerships with healthcare providers, industry and above all, the public, mean that this work is constantly at the cutting-edge of innovation in improving lives.

Our research groups broadly collaborate across the themes of: diabetes, ageing and cardiovascular risk; environment and human health; health services research; and neuroscience and mental health.

Just some examples include: Boosting early recognition and diagnosis of cancer by GPs; transforming treatment of neonatal diabetes; and improving mental health in children.

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Health Research Challenges

  • COVID-19 Alumni Challenge

We all know the impact that COVID 19 has had, and continues to have, on our lives. Help us fund Exeter's research work at this crucial time. If 100 alumni and supporters donate to this challenge it will unlock another £2,500 from an alumni match fund.

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    Health Research Challenge

Are you passionate about health research and the benefits that it brings society? Help us to boost this work at Exeter. If 10 alumni and supporters donate to this challenge it will unlock another £500 from an alumni donor.

44 donors

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